Package <Unnamed>

Class Summary
AI Artificial Intelligence that the user will play against and try to eliminate.
AnimationGrid The class SimpleAnimationApplet2 provides a generic framework for applets that do simple animations.
Bomb The Bomb class will explode a short time after its creation.
Bommenwerper BOMMENWERPER.
Box This class just sits there and doesn't do anything.
Fire This class just sits there and disappears after a set amount of time.
GameManager This class creates and manages the grid in which all the players reside.
Grid The grid class manages the the grid and the location of all the objects in said grid.
GUI The GUI class manages the window and all the buttons.
JUGameManagerTest Grid tests: Constructor, MakeMove, Start and Stop
JUSettingsTest Settings tests: create a new settings object and test it.
Obj The abstract class that all objects in the grid extend.
Player Gives you a pretty little image to call your avatar.
PowerUp A PowerUp will wait in the map for a Player to pick it up.
Settings The settings class holds and changes the settings for the games.
Wall This class just sits there and doesn't do anything.